FRINGEWORLD: COSMOnaut: Ryan Good (4 stars)

Review by Laura Money.

With a show title like COSMOnaut one really expects to see a space man. Instead, Ryan Good stands on the stage of the tiny Deluxe tent in the Perth Cultural Centre. He scans the audience with a gleaming eye. Good is an anomaly – long hair, grungy t-shirt, and an absolute love of ukulele and kitsch. He boldly declares to be sick of young, white, male stand-up comedians bitching about how many pairs of shoes women own. He sets out to tell a story, an epic tale of love and loss, hilarity and pathos, and find a way to connect with other human beings – to find love in unconventional places.

Then comes the space suit. Good delights in creating a connection with people. He sets out to tell the story of his life after a break-up. To do this, he enlists the help of a fellow soul from the audience. It’s not that bad, though, he only has to be a sounding board for Good…for the time being! It’s interesting that Good claims to be over the typical white male comedian’s shtick, yet he still ends up talking about how women have hurt him, how lonely he his, how many times he has cried while masturbating…you know, the kind of stuff white male comedians joke about.

The show really heats up when Good discovers COSMOPOLITAN magazine and its questionable sex tips. What follows is a hilarious demonstration of some of the absolute worst sex tips printed in the history of COSMO (according to Good.) From creating a real burn, to snorting pepper, these tips will really get you laughing! Good uses these tips to go on a journey to find true love, the culmination of which is a real show stopper. The grand finale is heartfelt and hilarious – and worth every penny.

When: 22nd – 27th January 2016 (8:30pm)

Where: Deluxe, Perth Cultural Centre

Tickets: From $20

Info: Duration 60mins, Suitable 15+