FRINGEWORLD: MEOW! (4.5 stars)

Review by Elli Gemmo.

If you are looking for an utterly enjoyable comedy that will make you forget about your daily struggles and troubles, that lets you spend a delightful evening look no further: Meow! is the perfect show for you.

You’ll be welcomed inside the studio of Ludi the “Cat” Artist where a journalist is desperately trying to get an interview. Ludi is the sterotype of the contemporary artist, and he has, obviously, a strong passion for cats. Main characters of all his artistic production they are all over his studio both as living presence and representation. Will journalist, Thom Barker (allergic to cat fur but very determined) be successful on writing her article, or will she be seduced by the artist and his intrusive sisters?

Barker, along with the audience, is carried away by this world of felines and odd circumstances, in a mix of vinegar-based alternative medicine, bongo playing, walnut spitting, weird dancing, martial arts and of course, Meows.

The play is such an amusing comedy and the characters so well created and staged from this talented group of four actors that you will soon find yourself really having a good time. Besides the fun and the cats, there’s also a sarcastic portrait of the contemporary artist where “Art is what gets you a cheque” and artist Ludi becomes a comic figure in the moment when he’s so serious about what he does. This smart and funny show by the great Hellie Turner is a must see in this Fringeworld Festival.

When: 27th – 30th January 2016 (8pm)

Where: The Blue Room Theatre

Tickets: From $25

Info: Duration 50mins, Suitable 15+

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