FRINGEWORLD: My Best Dead Friend (4 stars)

Review by Elli Gemmo

If I could use just two words to describe the show My Best Dead Friend they would be “authentic” and “brilliant.”
Why? The show is a vibrating monologue written and staged by one of the most energetic actresses and theatre makers you will ever see.

Anya is about to tell us the story of her teenage years in New Zealand. As she eagerly explains she was living in a rather small country town, Dunedin, situated in the South Island or as she describes it the furthest inhabited part of the southern hemisphere. Anya is going to ask to the public to take a trip in the past with her, and to imagine the story of a group of friends. With the aid of black chalkboards cleverly placed all over the stage and of course big pieces of white chalk, she is going to draw bits of the story for the public and let your own imagination to do the rest.

With engaging moments where the public itself is called to help and draw the storyline, Anya’s tale is full of meaningful experiences, common life moments and popular culture hints that everyone who was born between the 80s and the 90s is going to enjoy and make their own. It’s a play about friendship and life precious moments, wild adventures, possums on the roof and desire of rebellion.

Yet, as it happens in everyone’s life at some stage things are going to change and the group of friends will need to face the necessity to grow up.

The storyline is interesting and different and Anya’s performance enthusiastic and passionate. Poetic but popular, set between Bob Dylan and The Backstreet Boys (who didn’t have a crush on Nick?) My Best Dead Friend is a mix of comedy and drama, laughter and tears.

When: 9 – 13 February, 2016 (6pm)

Where: The Blue Room Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre

Tickets: $15 – $20

Info: Duration 50 minutes, Suitable for all ages