FRINGEWORLD: Colin Ebsworth Neato Burrito (3.5 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Colin Ebsworth: Neato Burrito is not a show about burritos. It is actually just comedian, Colin Ebsworth performing a variety of comedic observations with a different support act each night. This performance, very young Ciaran Lyons did a very strong opening act about being a young adult.

Once Lyons did his opening monologue, Ebsworth came on stage with energy. At first it felt like it was going to be a slow burner but he was quick to warm the audience up with rapid fire material, initially about his looks. He then followed with subject ranging from relationships to bogans. This was very relatable humour for the audience and most of the audience agreed with his political opinions. From my observation, he leans to the left of centre.

Ebsworth appears to be young man that many young ladies would find attractive. However, there is a neurotic side him and that is where the smart wit comes in. You can tell that he is a good writer as there is not a lot of waffle in all his bits. He also knows when to emphasise punchlines, yet at the same time make it feel conversational. I guess from his natural presence that he wanted to be stand-up comic from a very young age.

Colin Ebsworth: Neato Burrito is definitely a show for the mainstream, as he definitely is in touch with the current zeitgeist. Ebsworth is definitely a comedian that parents would be happy for their daughter to bring home. Though be prepared to listen to his opinion about everything.

When: 6 – 11 February 2016

Where: Deluxe, Perth Cultural Centre

Tickets: $20 to $25

Info: 60 minutes, 15+ recommendation