FRINGEWORLD: Xavier Michelides Live at the Allocated Venue (4 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Xavier Michelides: Live at the Allocated Venue is solo stand-up with personality. Michelides’ talent lies in his  immense vocal range, his voice is so unique he can bring any character or sound effect to life! He masterfully uses his charm to get the audience on side –  an important feature as his audience numbers have ranged from ten to sixty!

This huge differentiation does not waiver Michelides as he has the calmness of a Zen master. He is still normal, as he describes his looks, his sweating problems and his past (ok and also current) experiences with drugs and alcohol. He cheekily tells the young people in the audience that he is an example of what not to do with these substances.
Michelides is an experienced comedian, so you can tell that he has confidence in his  material. He seamlessly blends them into of his assortment of tales regarding his life so far. There is no strong theme in this show so he makes every bit of his material count. He even uses off the cuff crowd interaction to deal with mixed responses. This is done in a quick and very intelligent manner.

This show displayes Michelides’ comedic talents marvelously. His style has a cheeky charm to it that most audiences find endearing. Xavier Michelides: Live at the Allocated Venue is definitely a show for lovers of comedy.

When: 5 – 9 February 2016 (7pm)

Where: The Moon Cafe, Northbridge, PERTH

Tickets: $15 to $22

Info: Duration 60 minutes, 15 + recommendation