MICF: C.J Delling: Funny Bits (4 stars)

Review by Hayley Simpson

CJ Delling’s show for the 30th Melbourne International Comedy Festival is funny before it even begins, as the audience is directed to seats behind a shower curtain. This interesting choice of partition sets up Delling’s first joke of the night: “This is the second most fun you can have behind a shower curtain.” Just so you know, number one is not where your mind initially went. Delling amusingly uses the show’s location – next to the kitchen downstairs at the Bull and Bear Tavern – as the premise of a few beginning jokes.  

Funny Bits is a hilarious collection of life anecdotes from Delling, who hails from Germany but moved to Australia ten years ago. She recently became an Australian citizen too, which is (obviously) the subject of many of her jokes. Yes, she may drop in something about our inefficiency to have a long-lasting Prime Minister. She also mentions a few unusual lost in translation moments she has had since moving.

For 50 minutes Delling discusses her role as a lifesaver in Sydney, gender equality, religion and custom forms from around the world. It seems the funniest customs form you will receive is upon entry into Argentina. Plus she shares with the audience that in 2016 it is mandatory for all performers to reference Tinder in their sets. So Delling speaks about a couple of awful pick-up lines she has been subjected to, but thankfully she is now happily engaged.

Delling mentions that she wants her last joke to be memorable, so she says that it will be 48 degrees in Melbourne tomorrow: “15 in the morning, 20 during the day and 13 at night.” Unfortunately, it’s funny because it’s so true about this city we call home.

When: 23rd March – 3rd April 2016 (7pm)

Where: The Bull and Bear Tavern (347 Flinders Lane) MELBOURNE

Tickets: $12 – $20

Info: Suitable 16+, German performances available, AUSLAN interpretation available


MICF:  https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2016/season/shows/funny-bits-cj-delling