MICF Here to Save the World (5 stars)

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A quartet of clever and talented ladies have pulled together a tight, wowing performance with Here to Save the World reaching notes higher than the ceilings of the intimate Butterfly Club space in Melbourne’s CBD, and tackling sexism head on- through witty adaptions of male led pop, rock and hip-hip classics.


Kanye’s lyrical references are particularly golden.


The standard of the piano and drum accompaniment made it a real musical treat. All six performers, including the musicians were on the same beat for the entirety of the show, meaning transitions were seamless and the audience was on a constant, radiating, laughter filled buzz.


A stand-out moment for me was the dark, sultry adaption of ‘Harder to Breathe’- originally sing by pop band Maroon 5, which stood as the only powerful vocal performance not laced in comedy, but truly captivating.


I highly recommend seeing this female powerhouse. You won’t be ‘Sorry’ –hint there may be a Justin Bieber number.


When: 11th April-17th April (8:30pm)
Tickets: $28-$38
Info: Duration- 60 minutes