14th April 2016

Nicholas Health and Nutrition Pty Ltd is proud to announce the iconic AKTA-VITE brand is “back in its family’s hands” for a bright new future.

The need for AKTA-VITE was identified in the 1930’s, when it was realised that ill health was not just linked to poor hygiene and sanitation, but also to nutritional status. Various studies proved the linkage between vitamin and mineral deficiencies and certain diseases.

The Nicholas family was well suited to formulate AKTA-VITE, after successfully creating “Aspro” in 1915, as an Australian made aspirin.

George Nicholas formulated AKTA-VITE in 1943 as a nutritional supplement for children, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly.

 AKTA-VITE, in its distinctive orange can, was so high in terms of vitamin content that it was originally only sold in pharmacies. Furthermore, due to its enhanced nutritional value, AKTA-VITE was sent to supplement the soldiers in World War 2.

It had interesting ingredients as, originally, many of the minerals and vitamins could not be purchased synthetically. George Nicholas and his crew would go down to Port Fairy to catch sharks and harvest their livers for Vitamin A. 

Purchased by Sara Lee in 1984, then on-sold to the Myerton group , AKTA-VITE has now returned to the family of its original creators.

So what is the future of AKTA-VITE now that it is back in the hands of its original owners?

Sophie Nicholas says, “Nicholas Health and Nutrition will shortly relaunch an improved AKTA-VITE clearly making it one of the most nutritious and delicious chocolate drinks in the market.

“AKTA-VITE is already highly nutritious with nine vitamins and minerals, and gives a boost of folate, calcium, thiamine, iron, riboflavin and niacin amongst others. Also, AKTA-VITE is dairy/lactose free, low in fat and has no artificial colours or flavours. Its great chocolate flavour has ensured popularity with Australian families and contributed to the brand’s success. Nursing mothers and seniors are blogging about it being good for their health and vitality. But to most it simply tastes good,” says Sophie. “We are aiming to make it even better for the next generation of Australians!”

AKTA-VITE is 100% Australian owned and made. Its competitors are all foreign owned.

Akta-vite is still being made on the same machine as it was back in the Nicholas factory in Warrigal Rd.

Today AKTA-VITE is available in Coles, Woolworths, selected independent supermarkets, cafes and hospitals.