Are you in love?

Thinking of the person you love most right now? Maybe you are in love? Or maybe you just love them, or maybe it’s not real love at all? Take this short 6 question quiz to find out!

  1. How does his/her company get after spending a lot of time together?
    a) Annoying – 1 point.
    b) Better – 3 points.
    c) No difference – 2 points.


  1. You are about to go on a date together. How do you feel?
    a) Nervous but excited – 3 points
    b) I’m thinking about cancelling – 1 point.
    c) I’m happy about it – 2 points.


  1. How do you see them right now?
    a) My best friend – 1 point.
    b) My boyfriend/girlfriend – 2 points.
    c) My future husband/wife – 3 points.


  1. How do they make you feel?
    a) Awkward – 1 point.
    b) Confident and happy – 3 points.
    c) Pretty good – 2 points.


  1. You just broke up. Are you okay?
    a) No, I want them back – 3 points.
    b) I’m okay I guess – 1 point.
    c) I’m sad but I’ll move on – 2 points.


  1. When you think about them, how do you feel?
    a) Normal – 1 point.
    b) Instantly happy – 3 points.
    c) Good – 2 points.




SCORE: 1-7

Going by your answers, you seem as though you aren’t affectionately interested in this person. You are best off just being friends.

SCORE: 8-13

You love this person. It’s not that crazy, butterflies in your stomach, I need to talk to you 24/7 love. But you do have strong feelings towards them that point to love.

SCORE: 14-18

You’re IN LOVE!
You can see marriage in your future, you feel happier when you’re around them and you are obviously more than interested! YOU ARE MADLY IN LOVE.