An Evening with Madame Elbac: World Famous Fortune Teller and (Side Kick) Psychic (3 1/2 out of 5 stars)

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Image courtesy of Madame Elbac

You won’t know what to expect, but she does. A psychic that knows what you’re thinking and how to make you laugh! Performing at the Butterfly Club in the Melbourne CBD until Sunday.

Describing herself as an ‘ipsy’ Madame Elbac combines comic song and ritual to reveal her psychic powers in a charming, but MA+ rated way. Accompanied by a piano player wearing a beanie- taking the occasional swig from a brown paper bag, and her beloved pussy- cat that is. She’ll discuss things like- using a cheeseboard instead of a wigi board and have you spell bound with her quirky songs.

The gold sequin stars and moons on Madame Elbac’s fabulously dazzling outfit, shine as bright as her third eye. She connects with the spirit world, receiving information and passing along to members of the audience. Bewitching and very theatrical, seeing this show should be in your future!

When: 11th – 15th May 2016 (7:00pm)

Where: The Butterfly Club, MELBOURNE

Tickets: $26 – $32

Info: Butterfly Club members receive cheaper tickets and $1 off all drinks!