Things NOT of this EARTH (4 out of 5 stars)


Image courtesy of Aaron Walker

Things NOT of this EARTH showcases fourteen final year NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts) students in their individual and group specialties, presenting elite level circus skills in a sci-fi themed, vintage alien world.

You will see silver slinkies unfold from the sky, a red sparkling lady emerge from a martini glass to foot juggle with equal amounts of poise and pizzaz, edge of seat trapeze swinging and clowning/hat work crafted with absolute precision.

The music, transitions and structuring create all the dynamics of a great circus show. There are classic tricks, but new flavours added in everywhere. In one act- comedy is mixed with contortion as a hermaphrodite alien acrobat embarks upon a murderous rampage.

A particular stand out for me (based on individual taste, each performer stood out in their own right) was the soccer ball manipulation act by Hugo Bladel –  whose wacky physicality and facial exuberance is reminiscent of Jim Carey’s character in The Mask.

The ending (which I won’t spoil) built to a colourful, fluttering climax, and left many audience members on their feet.

See these graduates now as you’ll probably have to pay more to see them in the future!

Where: NICA National Circus Centre, 39 – 59 Green Street, Prahran

When: 8th to 18th June 

Tickets: $24-$36

Special Information: NICA is accessible by wheelchair