It’s winter time again in Melbourne and seems it’s more colder than ever! With this extreme weather I remembered those who are doing it tough and living on the streets. So I decided to visit HoMie, a shop of one of the charities close to my heart and bought an item in support of their cause.

If you’re not aware, HoMie is a streetwear clothing store that provides training, job opportunities and brand new clothing to people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne. Such an apt name which makes you feel invited, welcomed and cared for.

Every time you purchase clothing at HoMie, they donate a similar item of new clothing to a person experiencing homelessness. They also receive free haircuts, food, coffee, and a dignified shopping experience.

So come and visit their pop-up clothing store in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, their new store on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, and online at http://www.homiestreetstore.com.au All net proceeds go towards tackling homelessness.

For more info visit http://homelessofmelbourne.org