US-based GlobalGiving makes large scale environmental impact in Australia with Rainforest Rescue

US based GlobalGiving, the world’s largest crowdfunding community, has proved distance is no barrier in making large scale impact. The group has helped Australian not-for-profit Rainforest Rescue protect 11 new Rainforest properties across the Daintree rainforest in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.
The Daintree Rainforest is one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the world, and of international conservation importance, with a lineage going back 170 million years. Much of the Daintree upland and offshore Great Barrier Reef is protected with World Heritage Status. However, significant stretches of the lowland rainforest between these two areas remains unprotected and is under threat of development. For the past 18 years Rainforest Rescue has worked to rescue, restore and conserve rainforest to protect this unique habitat.
Now, with significant financial support from 279 donors in GlobalGiving’s Project of the Month Club, Rainforest Rescue has placed Nature Refuge covenants across eleven new rainforest properties the Daintree lowlands. This strips all development rights from the land which means the rainforest is protected forever.
“We’re thrilled that GlobalGiving donors pooled their resources to support Rainforest Rescue and made such a huge impact in the Daintree. It really demonstrates the power of generosity,” said Alison Carlman, Director of Marketing and Communications at GlobalGiving.
“This is a fantastic win for the rainforest” says Julian Gray, Rainforest Rescue CEO. “Overnight we’ve doubled the area of rainforest protected under Nature Refuges in the Daintree. GlobalGiving is helping us reach people across the world to tell the amazing Daintree story.”
Rainforest Rescue has saved 27 Rainforest properties in the Daintree and planted over 125,000 trees in reforestation projects across the area.
Working with the Queensland Trust for Nature the covenanted properties include the creation of a new Milky Pine Wildlife Refuge and significant expansion of both the Baralba Corridor and Rainforest Rescue Nature Refuges.