Review of Notorious Strumpet and Dangerous Girl

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Image courtesy of Jess Love

Jess Love’s solo show Notorious Strumpet and Dangerous Girl debuting at Melbourne Fringe 2016 is a unique blend of Love’s world class circus and theatrical skills. Perhaps the most admirable part of the show is how Love abjectly exposes herself in her deepest vulnerable states onstage, in front of an audience which she has won over before they have even left the Meat Market bar.

She bravely indulges in making the audience feel raw, empathetic, invaded and uncomfortable – a testament to the emotional journey into which we are taken in her world of substance abuse and addiction. High level circus skills are used as a tool of expression rather than egotism, showcasing hoops, skipping, trapeze and more in a nonchalant but not dismissive demeanor. This show is in your face dirty, gritty, and bares all. Love does not hold back and the audience loves her for it.

Written and Performed by Jess Love

Directed by Ursula Martinez and Julie Richardson

Review written by Ciara Thorburn