Bits of Australia – promoting Australian artists, designers and businesses


Bits of Australia was launched in April 2014 by Micaela Smith, after finding it near impossible to source Australian made gifts while living and working in the UK for 10 years. After moving back to Australia with her English partner in 2009, Micaela found it just as difficult to find unique Australian gifts to send back to his family.

Micaela took the plunge and quit her successful career in banking to set up Bits of Australia with the focus of it being more than “just another gift store”.

Bits of Australia is focused on supporting and promoting Australian artists, designers and businesses and providing our customers with gifts and souvenirs that celebrate Australia’s beauty, creativity and humour.

They offer a diverse product range of boutique Australian made gifts including beautiful homewares, jewellery, fashion, accessories, bags, scarves, socks, stationery, toys, skincare and contemporary souvenirs – there’s over 1,000 Australian created products to choose from.

Some of the most popular and unusual gifts in the range –

bits 251-confetti-pink-silk-wool-scarf-for-women bits blue-koala-kawaii-socks-for-women-australia- bits Oddball-Sydney-Coat-Hanger-australian-made-souvenirs bits Red-Back-Spider-Soap-The-Linen-Press-Gift-for-Menbits wattle-pendant-necklace-unique-australian-gifts-for-women






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