Red Alert Thirty Five Degrees Forecast For TODAY Parents Warned Not To Leave Children in Hot Cars

The forecast for a sizzling 35  degree day TODAY has seen Kidsafe Victoria issue a  RED ALERT to parents and carers on children being left unattended in cars.  


Jason Chambers, General Manager of Kidsafe Victoria said “The temperature inside a car can be 20-30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Based on Monday’s forecast, the temperature inside a parked car could easily reach over 50 to 60 degrees degrees in a matter of minutes.

“Small children are particularly at risk because they can lose fluid quickly, become dehydrated and suffer from heatstroke which can be life threatening”, said  Mr Chambers.

It is recommended that on days of extreme heat, parents try to plan their car trips during cooler periods of the day if possible and always provide plenty of cool water and fluids for children during the journey

Kidsafe Victoria is continuing to use social media to spread lifesaving information about the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars to parents and the wider community, through community groups, local government, and early childhood centres.     

We are asking these groups to download and share the free fact sheet and  infographics to help raise awareness of how quickly the temperature can rise inside a parked car and the potentially life threatening situation that this can result in for children who are left unattended.