UP FOR LOVE in cinemas December 1



December 1 2016


GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Foreign

SYNOPSIS: Academy Award®-winner Jean Dujardin stars in this French, romantic, laugh-out-loud-comedy that is all about the long and short of falling in love.

When successful lawyer, Diane (Virginie Efira) gets a call from the man who has found her mobile phone, she is immediately intrigued and charmed. As she and Alexandre (Dujardin) chat and make plans to meet, it becomes evident that the chemistry between them is great indeed. However, when they meet the next day it turns out there may be one small problem.

New relationships are always awkward and for Diane & Alexandre the challenges in their relationship could be somewhat of a tall order. Despite his charisma and good looks, Alexandre comes up a bit short (almost 2 feet, actually). Is Diane out of his reach or can they meet in the middle? They’re both looking for love but society is watching and judging. A perfect match in every way but one, will this new couple be up for the challenge? Will they be UP FOR LOVE?

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n4GmYCO2io


RUNTIME: 97 min


STARRING: Jean Dujardin (The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Monuments Men, The Artist), Virginie Efira(It Boy, Second Chance)

DIRECTOR: Laurent Tirard (Astérixand Obélix: God Save Britannia, Little Nicholas, Moliére)