Blood On Their Hands

Bravo to the administration hierarchy and PR department at Essendon Football Club.

In case you haven’t heard, the powers that be have decided to throw their “full support” behind former coach and star player Mr James Hird, whom it appears has suffered a complete emotional breakdown.

I’m no M.D., but it would seem that the feelings of worthlessness, guilt, shame and total self-hatred concealed by the monumental effort of putting on a brave face every second of every minute of every day, have finally joined forces and tunnelled their way to the surface triggering Mr Hird’s breakdown and subsequent hospitalization.

How honourable…how utterly and completely noble of the very institution which is responsible for Mr Hird’s current condition to lend him their “full support”.

What a hollow declaration.

Thank God he didn’t die.

Even so…you have blood on your hands Essendon.

Every person’s situation is unique but having been in a similar mindset to where it would appear Mr Hird is now I sincerely offer my condolences and support and the reassurance that once the brave face has been discarded, the healing may begin.

Make no mistake, a person in such a condition categorically believes that their life is over and that self-obliteration is the only way out of the pain and to rid the world of their unworthy existence.

The road to recovery will not be a short one Mr Hird, but you have what it takes.

It was my privilege to meet you personally just prior to the commencement of your ordeal and when your smile came naturally.

God bless, James Hird and may you completely separate your identity from football and rediscover the goodness within yourself which your true supporters know never disappeared.