FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Improv D&D (2 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton.

The concept Improv D & D is explained plainly in the title. The odd thing about this concept is that usually people who do Improv comedy and people who play Dungeons and Dragons don’t normally mix. Equally Improvisational Theatre is blended equally, in this weird mix.

Mixing is set up by an awkwardly geeky Dungeon Master, who also uses his nerdy computer skills for music and sound effects. After he susses out how many audience members have played this Role-Playing Game, he introduces his four game players. They all being from a theatrical background, important in thinking quickly how to act realistically and quickly into scenes. They all get allocated uniquely Fantasy based character descriptions, mixed with some random humouros features. There is a prop box that each player grabs one item that they think will suit their character.

Then the Dungeon Master sets up the scene of the role play, to assist the players in making character based decisions. It appears like each character interaction with the Dungeon Master is turn taking, making the actors theatre skills seem stilted. However, this allowed for some awkward situational humour. The actors displayed comfort in working together, and you gathered some were very close when the Dungeon Master stated that one of the female actors is his girlfriend! This is great because there is some fighting seems that end up in some interesting positions.

This show took a while to get going but once the action began, the pace picked up. I felt the show could have been tighter because sometimes fantasy is not always our thing. Improv D & D is best suited if a theatrical geek, a very niche market.

When: 20th – 22nd January, 2017 | 7pm

Where: Black Flamingo, Pleasure Garden, PERTH

Tickets: From $26