FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Jeff Hewitt’s Compliment Battle (4.5 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Jeff Hewitt’s Compliment Battle is a comedy roast made with love. Instead of mean barbs, the participants must show their love – both platonic and sometimes a bit sexual – for each other. It’s still all about getting the biggest laughs, but the jokes are kind, not cruel.

Hosted by and featuring seasoned comedians, each compliment battle pits different pairs of friends and colleagues who are performing throughout FRINGEWORLD in other shows. No two shows are the same!

The first guest battlers are newish comedians Nadia Collins and Matt Storer, and 94.5’s Matt Dytyniski and Kymba Cahill. Not only are they required to compliment each other, but also random audience members and Peth cult comedy favourite, Glenn Grimwood. Host and show creator, Jeff Hewitt welcomes the audience with enthusiasm. He explains that he wanted to create a heartfelt show for once. Most comedians these days prefer to explore their dark side and after 2016’s world troubles he wants to bring people together – not apart.

Hewitt’s comedy trajectory has been going in this direction for his last few shows – describing his love for women, his partner, his child, so this foray into different comedic relationships is not unexpected. After an opening monologue, Hewitt introduces the first battle between Nadia Collins and Matt Storer – which results in a surprising proposal from Collins. Isn’t marriage the highest form of compliment?

Next up Matt Dytynski and Kymba Cahill compliment off! It is strongly hinted that their relationship has reached peak sexual tension (make of that what you will!) which is sure to keep the airwaves entertaining for the next few days!

This show works amazingly, with heaps of laugh out loud moments. I was laughing so much, I left the show with a sore jaw! Jeff Hewitt’s: Compliment Battle is highly recommended if you want big laughs and something unique.


When: 20th – 22nd January | 8:40pm | 3rd and 5th February | 9:00pm

Where: Noodle Palace (20th – 22nd Jan), and HUBBUB at Mandurah (3rd and 5th Feb) PERTH

Tickets: $21

Info: Duration 60 mins | Probably 18+ | WA Artist