Review by Laura Money

What do you get when you put a group of improv comedians onstage and force them to perform for 24 hours? A whole lot of fun and craziness that will split your sides all night long! There are points when the audience is yawning more than laughing, but that’s not personal. (I hope!) 24 Hour HOO-HAA returns to FRINGEWORLD 2017 in an epic battle of imagination and quick-wittedness. Abandoning the traditional format of pitting two teams against each other, the team at the Hoo-Haa join forces to create 24 hour-long blocks of improvisational comedy gold.

Each hour features a different line-up of players, including a few guest appearances, and a different theme or game format. Starting at 9:00pm, the teams cover everything from singing games to guessing games, themes of love to long-form scene based games. The two hours I managed to cover (I know it was only 2 hours, what a piker!) between 1am and 3am saw rapidly changing scenes with the power given to the audience and a brilliant take on a Film Noir mystery.

Look, at 3am it gets a bit silly – the performers are still sparkling with energy, although the piano accompanist looks ready to sleep on the middle C key. Players hype up on energy drinks or go home for a nap – ready to face their shift later in the day. There is a kind of buzz that fills the atmosphere of an all-night party. Everyone is hyper – the bar is fully stocked with sugary beverages and lollies – and ready to giggle as if they were 10 years old and sleeping over a friend’s house. The folks at The Big Hoo-Haa sure are brave, loveable, foolish and fun – plus for every hour you stay, you get $1 back – so stay and receive a full discount, if you’re up for it!


When: 28th – 29th January 2017 | 9:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Gelo at Piazza Hut | Northbridge | PERTH

Tickets: $25

Info: Duration 1440 minutes (that’s 24 hours!) | Probably best for 18+ | WA Artist