Review by Kieran Eaton

NINTENDO LIVE! is one of a kind, as you don’t often see console geeks who are also accomplished jazz musicians. Amazingly these approximately 30-something  bros, called Smashbros have a unique angle – trying something different at wedding parties.

As you may have guessed, playing Nintendo music at weddings was not a success – yet playing in FRINGEWORLD 2017 works perfectly! These young-at-heart men have bundles of charisma, plus energy and mountains of that indeed. You’d think for a late-night show, they’d be subdued but they bring it to the mellow crowd this sense of fun that even if you never played Nintendo games you’d still love them. These three geeky musos bond over their childhood adventures of being the best at Mario Kart, etc.

When one of the band members tells us that we can play Mario Kart (there is a TV with consoles to the side of their stage) during their set, you know this will be a one of a kind experience. These performers are very easy going as perform to people standing, drinking, and playing a console game! Everyone gets surprised with their multitude of talent in making Nintendo music with a mixture of Jazz style and electronic based instruments, that they alternate with style. The night has an organic feel in that they sometimes turn around to watch the game players and say we will challenge the winners.

NINTENDO LIVE! is a show that embraces music of different eras in a unifying manner. Keep your eye out for these young artists who will soon develop a cult following.


When: 22nd January 2017

Where: The Ellington Jazz Club | Northbridge | PERTH

Tickets: $23.50 – $31

Info: Duration 60 minutes | WA Artist | 18+ venue