FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Rowena Hutson: Strong Female Character (4 stars)

Review by Laura Money

Rowena Hutson is a one-woman whirlwind! She opens her show with a fast-paced re-enactment of all of the Die Hard movies, costumes, wigs, blood and all. This pace sets up the whole show – what follows is an affectionate homage to the action movies (and stars) that shaped the 80s and 90s, and in doing so, shaped the life of little Ro, making her the woman she is today.

I must admit, I expected this show to be about badass women – characters who rocked the socks off  their leading men and kicked butt in killer heels. It’s not but that doesn’t matter. It’s about how the best action heroes are men (there’s just no way of getting around it) because they don’t have to answer to anyone. Their worth is not defined by others and they sure as hell don’t care about other people.

Hutson takes you on a dance complete with cue cards (al a Bob Dylan) and demonstrates some of the cool things she’s learned from a misspent youth of action-movie marathons. She proves that little girls are just as influenced by leading men as little boys. Then she turns it around – her next dance shows how these heroes treat women in their respective movies. Watching Indiana Jones demand kisses from a woman, or Bill and Ted rescue smart women without getting their names formed the nucleus of feminist thoughts that Hutson would have today.

This show is clever. It’s funny and a bit tragic. Hutson uses her deep affection for the genre but frames it in the context of her childhood and her self-worth. One thing is clear, though, Hutson is a strong female character.


When: 27th – 31st January 2017 | 6:00pm

Where: Perth Town Hall | Cathedral Square | PERTH

Tickets: $19 – $26

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Suitable 15+