FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Creepy Dummy (3.5 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Sarah Jones is an accomplished ventriloquist and she knows it – as she is good at making fun of her profession, especially with her puppets. Creepy Dummy specialises in the slightly irksome but just by looking at Jones’s sweetly innocent face you know she goes out of her way to scare you!

As Jones admits, this art form is not the easiest because some letters you can’t say without moving your lips. This preamble gives the audience realistic expectations but also breaks the fourth wall – the entertainment being so distracting it overrides the mechanics of ventriloquism. This leads her to taking a little while to warm the audience up but the more she interacts with the crowd the more they get into it.  Jones’ strength is her imagination rather than her joke writing – yet a few puns and old style gags round out the night.

Creepy Dummy creates dialogue for many objects, ranging from tennis balls to the standard doll head. The creepy thing about the doll head is that it is just a doll head. This idea cleverly delivers a head that wants a body and when Jones assists this head the funniness creeps to a new level. Jones gets the crowd involved, including getting a shy young man (myself – I know yours truly on stage!) to assist a puppet do a magic trick. This trick is well thought out and leads to many funny moments.

This show will keep you entertained throughout so go see Jones if you want to be be amused by a life-giver to a Creepy Dummy!


When: 31st January – 4th February 2017 | 9:20pm

Where: Noodle Palace | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $21 – $23

Info: Duration 55 minutes | Venue is 18+