FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside (4 stars)

Review by Amanda Lancaster

FRINGEWORLD 2017 is one of those huge events that is already filled with a wide array of wonderful, whacky, and unique show options for people to choose from. As a reviewer, it’s my job and responsibility to do my best to illuminate and explain some of these performances in a bid to help narrow down the overwhelming amount of choices fringe-goers are faced with. In a show that defies all normal modes of definition, I truly cannot find the words to explain Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside!

Think David Copperfield meets the eighties, meets the Icecapades and Eurovision all rolled into one non-stop, unrelenting, in-your-face hour. The real life couple and long time  performing duo have truly created a take on the classic archetypes of stage magician and  glamorous assistant which defies straight-forward depiction. Bouncing between modes at a rapid-fire pace, the audience is treated to some of the most refreshing and humourous spectacles they’re ever likely to see.

Cartoonish, slapstick, exaggerated glitz and glamour all woven together with a constant barrage of magical mishaps, might be the basis that holds the shows energy together as a staple. However, over the course of the hour we do get to see the charismatic duo roam more broadly around the axis of emotion and humour  when it becomes obvious that the perfect on-stage sweethearts pairing is as fake and tightly wound as their cheesy Hollywood grins.

I honestly have no idea how else to describe this show other than if it is as with magic – seeing truly is believing then  Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside will have you watching in disbelief. Trust me when I say, that you need to see this show!


When: 31st January – 6th February 2017 | 8:15pm

Where: Circus Theatre | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $19 – $29

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Suitable 18+