FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Phil Kay in Tweed (4.5 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Phil Kay is a comedian like no other. When this Scotsman shares his presence – you can’t help laugh. Kay freakishly makes humour out of anything – which adds to this rambling bohemian’s unpredictability.

Kay controls the audience the way he wants with his individualised style. This manic man is very giving and provides a surreal mix of banter, guitar strumming and bizarre story telling. There is so much humour in this hour it’s hard to breathe. This original comedy genius is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book – where scripted stuff is done in a chaotic way determined by the audience interaction. You know each of his shows are different but that is what makes him so phenomenal!

First, he tells it like it is – admitting that he is fresh from a smoke and drink – such a cool man. Seriously, this guy is off the chart exploring the audience, getting to know the audience, and wanting to make fun of any late comers. Kay’s funny comes from a sense of free-spirit curiosity where craziness seems to gravitate towards him and he brings these stories to life with his whimsical charm allowing him to get away with cheekiness. His stories range from as recent as a few days ago, to many years ago, and somehow it works!  The stories tend to revolve around his love of the bicycle and Kay is as brave with his bike riding as he is with his humour.

Phil Kay in Tweed is free forming journey of a comedian and is utterly unforgettable!


When: 13th – 18th February 2017 | 6:45pm

Where: City of Perth Library | Cathedral Square | PERTH

Tickets: $18 – $26

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Suitable 15+