FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Infinite Jest Presents: Sonny Yang vs Fringe World (4.5 Stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

How do you review a show about a reviewer? This clever show embraces FRINGEWORLD 2017 so it’s not hard for somebody like me (who has basically lived in the festival precinct for the past month) to love the show!

Listening to comedian Sonny Yang critique a whole bunch of shows from the start of the festival guide, made me feel I was going into my head space – with Yang taking over it!  With this dead-pan comic sitting on a massive arm chair, it was a bit like therapy. Luckily, I was in safe hands – for Yang is a master at keeping things funny. He has improvisational skills that can handle mixed audience reactions, gaining extra laughs for his monotone.

The night is set up by Yan stating his use of an AUSLAN interpreter, yet later I realised this performer was just part of the satirical nature of the show. Yang, wearing a business shirt, tie and spectacles has the appearance of an accountant but this adds to the surprises as his use of language is biting and punchy.  However, Yang knows he is somebody who would get beaten up in a fight and he plays this up – in a hilarious scene with his AUSLAN interpreter. This could sound confusing if you take him too seriously, as Yang is the king of parody. This comedic theatre critic covered a huge variety of shows and nobody was safe.

This imaginative show is a festival highlight for those who like their comedy with a bit of cheek.


When: 16th – 18th February 2017 | 9:20pm

Where: Noodle Palace | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $8 – $13

Info: Duration 50 minutes | Recommended 18+ | WA Artist