FRINGEWORLD 2017 – La Petite Merde (4 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

La Petite Merde is sketch comedy at its best. Comedic actor, Brianna Williams enters the stage wearing a beret, hilariously sending up her ‘artistic’ side! Williams builds a great rapport with her capacity crowd, there are musical moments that highlight her talents, and she embraces her inner dag to explore a variety of characters.

This show has a weird energy due to the immersive nature of the performance. Williams always endeavours to keep the crowd on her side with material that some may see as contentious. Her strong voice is mostly there, though sometimes effort is needed to not miss punchlines, due to not using a microphone. Williams embraces the crowd with cheekiness, getting some member to embarrass themselves on stage, while treating her as a goddess. She explores her childhood disappointment in not becoming a police officer because of her lack of height, giving a funny take on the hypothetical situation of her being one. Williams talks about her experiences as a teacher and then explores the politics of it, creating a character of a theatre-loving teacher, bossing other teachers around in her thespian style  (just conveniently not her.) To add to the level of difficulty she uses crowd suggestions in an improvisation comedy segment.

La Petite Merde is an exploration of this comedian’s personality that reveals her honest insecurities. If you want to see something different from straight monologue stand-up, this show will deliver this and so much more.


La Petite Merde played at FRINGEWORLD 2017 from 14th – 17th February 2017.