It Shoulda Been You

Review by Sarah Young

It Shoulda Been You, directed by James Worner, has the whole audience in stitches! Performed in a beautiful theatre, rich in theatrical history, the Australian premiere is performed remarkably professionally for a non-professional society.

Underneath all the light-heartedness and laughter however, are some insightful references to what it is like to be overweight in today’s society, the acceptance of homosexuality and a pure representation of the imperfections and craziness that occur within everyday families.

This Broadway show, amongst its wild, hilarious and radical plot, portrays characters who are down to earth, genuine and largely relatable to everyone in the audience. With a storyline that is based around a marriage between a Jewish bride, a Catholic groom, an over-bearing pair of mothers, and some unexpected guests – what could possibly go wrong?

The singing and acting is great however, one of the last scenes brings some very unexpected surprises that take the storyline to a whole new level! No spoilers, though – go and discover the craziness for yourself!

It Shoulda Been You, is a show I will honestly never forget. It’s powerful, talented and extremely comical…check it out – you won’t regret it!


When: 31st March  – 8th of April 2017 | 8:00pm

Where: The Independent Theatre, North SYDNEY.

Tickets: $40-$45

Info: Duration: Approx 2 hours | no interval