MICF review of ‘Best Before Breakfast’ (4 out of 5 stars)

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Image courtesy of Jacob and Jack

Best Before Breakfast is a duo show featuring the sketch and stand-up comedy stylings of Jacob Sacher and Jack McGorlick. These are two young performers who can think on their feet and just have fun with a show. You’ll never be quite sure what kind of joke will come next, but that makes it exciting and engaging.

You better not bring breakfast into this show (they take ‘no breakfast’ very seriously) but do bring your willingness to engage with the performers. Jacob and Jack bounce off each other well, and also literally bounce around the stage at times to create a high energy performance space. They are likeable characters with an openness to exploring anything that could be made funny.

The Loop Project and Space Bar has a relaxed audience space, with super comfy chairs and an intimate distance from the stage. There is a screen to allow for projections, which was used minimally but for a hilarious breakdown of everything wrong with the movie ‘Stewart Little.’

This is fun, lighthearted comedy in a great performance venue.



For two more shows only! You can see ‘Best Before Breakfast’…

When: 4th-8th of April

Where: Loop Project Space & Bar (19-23 Meyers Place, Melbourne)

Tickets: $12-$16

Information: Venue is wheelchair accessible

Links: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2017/shows/just-silly-shit