MICF 2017 – Good One

Review by Harmony Riveros

In a small room on the top floor of the Imperial Hotel, Kirsty Webeck returns to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, delighting a nearly sold out audience with her larger than life personality and hilarious self-criticism.

The theme of the show, appropriately titled, Good One examines what it really means to be a good person. Using examples from her not-so-innocent childhood antics growing up in Canberra, Webeck kicks off the show by looking back at the moments when she was not her best. The audience erupts with laughter at the comedian’s anecdote about the time she pushed her sister to the ground, resulting in stitches (on her sister’s part) and how she refused to call for help until her sister promised to say she had fallen of her own accord.

Webeck continues on, with the disclaimer that the rest of her show will consist of her “trying to convince everyone that she isn’t Satan.” After warming up the crowd with colorful childhood memories, Webeck goes on to describe her time traveling the world, beginning with a drastic move to Taiwan – a country where she knew no one, and not a word of the language. The hit story came from a time when she attempted to explain she was a vegetarian, and somehow ended up saying she wanted to eat poo in Taiwanese! Webeck’s show is unique as most of her persona comes from her tales of being a “not so handy lesbian” and how she is perceived by people in different ways, with amusing tales about often being identified as a man.

Webeck deftly jokes about not being offended by this and never correcting people, and tells a hilarious story of a sweet elderly woman on her street who baked cookies for her and gifted them “for a growing boy.” Overall, Webeck’s performance is a mix of cheeky anecdotes and some banter with the audience. I, personally don’t think that many of the jokes relate much to the theme of being a good person, but the show will keep you joyfully entertained!



When: 29th March – 9th April 2017 | 9:45pm

Where: The Imperial Hotel | MELBOURNE

Tickets: $20 – $25

Info: Duration 50 minutes | Wheelchair accessible | Suitable 18+

Link: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2023/shows/good-one-1#