MICF Review of Channel Perri (4 out of 5 stars)

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Image courtesy of Perri Cassie

You are invited into ‘Channel Perri’- a one hour live picture of quality stand-up entertainment featuring Melbourne based comedian Perri Cassie, and a stack tonne of his best jokes.

His humour is a mix of observational, self deprecating honesty. The way Perri starts the show is inventive, and immediately gets the audience on board and excited about a show they may have taken a punt on.

Perri is a very good writer. There are consistent jokes throughout each story or topic, making for no dull moments, or waiting for punch lines. His jokes are unique and memorable- the full audience was a mix of different age demographics, but everyone was loving it from start to finish. There were many applause moments after a great punch line.

A likeable and relatable performer with imagination and strength in comedy, his jokes range from what he thinks opening a milk cartoon, not receiving a birthday card and being cheated on, to the shocking thing he did to some slippers whilst working in retail.

This is clever comedy with a wide audience appeal. Book ahead so you don’t miss out!

You can see ‘Channel Perri’…

Date: 12th to 23rd of April

Time: 9:00pm

Location: The Unknown Union, 1000 pound bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street

Tickets: $10.30-$15.30

Information: No wheelchair access



Instagram/Twitter – @channelperri