The official Opening Day on Saturday 16 September will see former Melbourne Football Club CaptainDavid Neitz, trade his football jersey for Lederhosen and take over official duties as Hoptoberfest’s Mayor for this year’s festivities. With his German heritage proudly on show, Neitz, also the founder of Brewmanity Beer Company, will welcome guests to the fest launch at Hophaus with the traditional Tapping of the Keg at midday and free bier frothing until the keg runs dry.



12:00pm Tapping of the Keg by our Honorary Mayor David Neitz (Brewmanity) on Opening Day Party with FREE BIER whilst the keg lasts!

12.30pm – late German Games

3.00pm Sausage Eating Competition

4.00pm Strong Man Competition

5:00pm late Live music from Black Forest Trio

Special Imported German Festbiers

Exclusive ‘Guten Tag’ Berliner Weisse Brewed by Brewmanity

For more information and to view the full Hophaus Oktoberfest 2017 program of events visit


What:          Oktoberfest 2017 at Hophaus Southgate

When:         Saturday 16 September – Sunday 22 October 2017

 Hoptoberfest Opening Day Saturday 16 September

Location: Hophaus Bier Bar Grill, Mid Level, Southgate Melbourne, 3 Southgate Avenue Southbank

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Heralded as experts in curated German biers, Hophaus will expand their selection during Oktoberfest to include Bavarian festbiers flown in from Germany especially for the occasion. Steins will be filled with special brews including the full bodied amber lager PAULANER FESTBIER, brewed to celebrate the original Oktoberfest 200 years ago with hints of caramel and dark toffee flavours, and the full-bodied wheat bier ERDINGER FESTWEISSBIER, brewed once a year especially for the festival.

 “We are very excited about the new additions to our Fest Bier list this year. Paulaner Festbier is a stand out that will be sure to get the bier lovers coming in their droves,” says Hophaus venue manager Scott Highfield. 

 “We couldn’t be more delighted to have David Neitz come on board as our Oktoberfest Mayor. And if just that wasn’t enough, his Brewmanity team has dreamt up a cracking craft beer especially for our punters. He looks pretty good in his lederhosen too!”

 Neitz will introduce his new German-style beer ‘Guten Tart’ exclusive to the Hophaus Oktoberfest menu.

 “The name is an obvious play on the German phrase for hello – Guten Tag – and it also refers to the tart nature of the Berliner Weisse beer style.  Along with that, the idea of people saying ‘hello’ over a few beers is a pretty nice sentiment,” says Neitz.

“Guten Tart is a traditional German style of beer, with a slight Aussie twist of Australian finger lime, that we think will be the perfect way to compliment the German beers on offer.” 

 Hophaus together with Brewmanity will be raising money throughout the 5 weeks of Oktoberfest.  10% of each ticket sale to our Brewmanity Dinner event and $1 from each Bratwurst & Guten Tart Bier sold will go to MND Fight.   

 Revellers are set to enjoy festive dishes prepared especially by Red Rock Venues Executive Head Chef Graeme McLaughlin, former Two Michelin Star head chef of The Fat Duck UK.


Teckelrennen Annual Dachshund Race on Saturday 23 September

Location: Southgate Podium Courtyard

 11:00am-1:00pm – 12 dachshund race heats

12:00pm – Best Dressed Dachshund Costume Parade

 6pm-10pm – live music from Black Forest Trio at Hophaus

 Other events at Hophaus throughout the five-week festival:

Bier Trivia Night – Wednesday 27 September

Brewmanity Degustation Dinner – Wednesday 18 October

Family Day (Kids Eat Free) – Sunday 22 October

Every Friday – Live music

Every Saturday – Live German music and entertainment

Every Sundays – Live acoustic tunes with Liam Bowditch


Where:        Hophaus Bier Bar Grill, south end of the mid level overlooking the Yarra River, Southgate Melbourne. Southgate is located opposite Flinders St Station, on the Yarra River adjacent to the Arts Centre.


The Dachshund Race will be held in the Southgate Podium Courtyard, outside St Johns Church.


Bookings:    Bookings are advised for Lunch or Dinner throughout Oktoberfest. Get in early and Book your table online, call 03 9682 5900 or email


Book your special Oktoberfest Cocktail Function and view Hophaus’ package options here.








PAULANER FESTBIER Munich, Bavaria  5.8% 

Brewed to celebrate the original Oktoberfest 200 years ago, this full bodied amber lager is a break away from the pack style.  It is heavier with more caramel malt flavours and dark toffee.


SPATEN FESTBIER  Munich, Bavaria  5.9%

Deep amber brown in colour, classic Marzen style of dark bread, spicy hop and caramel.  A beer that creeps up on you as the % alcohol is so well integrated and masked by the rich flavours. When in Rome …Errm … Munich.  Ein Stein Danke !!


WEIHENSTEPHAN FESTBIER   Friesing, Bavaria  5.8%

Oktoberfest in a stein.  This unique style of Festbier drinks like a pale lager but has an amazing complexity to it.  

Imported just in time for the Festivities.



Erdinger’s Oktoberfest Weizen is quite unique.  Brewed once a year especially for the festival,  It has a sour bite that compliments it’s full bodied wheat-like taste.



Available 16 September – 22 October 


Giant Bretzel 15

Haus pickles, whipped caraway butter

Reuben Bretzel 18

Pastrami, Emmental cheese, Löwensenf mustard, dill pickle, sauerkraut

1KG Wurst Windrad 55

For 2 or more to share, fennel, radish salat

Mustard Brined Pork Cutlet 29

Roasted Brussel sprouts, lardons

Spit Roasted Lamb Rump 32

German style creamed spinach, smoked kipfler potatoes

Slow Smoked Beef Short Rib 34

Bavarian red cabbage, knödel


1KG Chicken Schnitzel 45

Haus Slaw & German Potato Salat

**Giant Schnitzel Challenge!

Finish a 1KG Chicken Schnitzel within 15 minutes and win a Stein of Bier with a free take-home glass! 

The full menu at Hophaus will continue to be available throughout Oktoberfest.


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