Coburg’s Stretched Pizza is a hit with food lovers!

Stretched Pizza: loved by vegans and the gluten-free


Holy Macaroni pizza
Holy Macaroni pizza

Since throwing opens its doors in April, Coburg’s Stretched Pizza has been a big hit with food lovers, receiving rave reviews and a loyal customer base already.

“We have received lots of feedback from customers who recognise the quality ingredients that we use and appreciate that we prepare a lot of our own toppings fresh: egg, babaganoush, tzatziki sauce, marinated sirloin steak, marinated seafood etc.” said co-owner Ly Nguyen.

“None of our ingredients are pre-packed or pre-cooked so that taste and quality is never compromised.”

One of the most common types of feedback is the huge appreciation for Stretched’s gluten free bases at no extra cost, with people calling in to check whether it is gluten-free because it tastes no different.

The plentiful vegan options have also been extremely well received, with five to choose from on the menu and other offerings which can be easily adapted. Lactose-intolerant customers are also quick to pay compliments on the vegan cheese. Following such a positive reception, Stretched plans to improve and grow this offering even more.

The menu’s best sellers so far have been the Miss Piggie (aka capricciosa), No Brainer (aka margherita), Big Fat Greek Wedding, Trick or Treat and the Un-Pho-Gettable.

“It’s great to see that customers who generally stick to the regular go-to’s are getting comfortable with trying the more creative options and are really enjoying them,” Ly said.

Cookies 'n' Cream pizza
Cookies ‘n’ Cream pizza

Pairing pizza with Stretched’s takeaway wine and craft beers at affordable prices has also been very popular, especially on footy evenings, with deals such as Stuck in the Office, Netflix and Chill and Brady Bunch.

Ly Nguyen is an ex-corporate turned restaurateur who opened Port Melbourne’s Long Story Short with chef husband Dario D’Agostino after they met. She brings her love of creativity and passion for food worldwide to Stretched Pizza and came up with many of the unique toppings – Ly takes her Vietnamese heritage to the popular, multi-cultural mash-up that is the Un-Pho-Gettable.

Banker-turned-pizza-maker Joe Codespoti spent 6 in years in finance before he discovered the joys of authentic, hand-stretched pizza while visiting Italy. Joe decided to walk away from the banking world to become a pizzaiolo, working in the industry for several years before going into partnership with Dario and Ly at Pizza E Birra, and now Stretched.

Stretched Pizza

53 Moreland Street, Coburg 3058

Trading Hours: Daily 5pm till late.

(03) 9386 8510


**Information & Images Courtesy of Stretched Pizza/Zilla & Brook- Annika Priest

Meat Eater pizza
Meat Eater pizza

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El Chapo, Cobuzman & Miss Piggie pizzas
El Chapo, Cobuzman & Miss Piggie pizzas