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Following two eventful years, Long Story Short Port Melbourne will close its doors to the public forever on Sunday 24 June at 3pm after it received an offer owners Ly and Dario D’Agostino said, “They could not refuse.” The anonymous buyer intends on turning the iconic café into a new food
 hub for family and locals with renovations starting as early as Monday 25 June. 

Known as one of Australia’s Most Instagrammable Cafes, Long Story Short Port Melbourne first opened its doors in June 2016 with the launch of the Hot Chocolate Sphere which received over 12 million views on Insider. Long Story Short has since created a name for itself with some of its notable brunch creations by Creative Food Director Dario, including the Buttermilk Tim Tam Pancakes, Fairy Floss Dessert Burger and Activated Charcoal Fish and Chips. The Activated Charcoal Fish and Chips went viral across newspapers, radio stations, Channel 9 and after a local blogger wrongly assumed its uncanny resemblance to burnt faeces in July 2017.

Ly and Dario will be giving away glasses of pink moscato to every customer as a thank you for their loyalty and support this Sunday.

Long Story Short Café Brunswick will continue to trade, while the inventive couple will focus on growing Pizza E Birra and the newly opened Stretched Pizza. “Pho pizza at Stretched Pizza was just the beginning. We are already working on some very unique concepts.” Says Ly, “You’ll just have to wait and see!”

Long Story Short Port Melbourne, 40 Crockford Street
7 Days: 8am to 3pm | *CLOSING* 3pm Sunday 24 June 2018

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Tim Tam Pancake Stack
Tim Tam Pancake Stack – photo credit: Wayne Taylor

Long Story Short Brusnwick, 10 Tripovich Street
7 Days: 8am to 3pm

Stretched Pizza, 53 Moreland Road, Coburg
7 Days: 5pm – 10pm

Pizza E Birra , 60A Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Sunday to Thursday: 6pm to 10pm | Saturday & Sunday: 6pm to 11pm

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