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VIC THOMPSON looks at the last month in gaming.

Creative Assembly have an-
nounced October 7 as the release
date for their upcoming survival/
horror game Alien: Isolation. Fans
of the alien and frst-person genres
were quick to compare it to the
recently released Aliens: Coloni-
al Marines; however, excitement
has gone through the roof as more
gameplay videos have become
available which highlight the hor-
ror aspect of the game through well
used lighting and sound. Expect
more exciting news as we inch
closer to October.

2K Games, or more accurately,
2K Australia have teamed up with
Gearbox for the next Borderlands
game, Borderlands: The Pre-Se-
quel. Set to release on PC, PS3
and Xbox360, this game is based
as a tie-in for Borderlands 1 and
Borderlands 2 and will feature four
new characters to play as, includ-
ing Claptrap! As per usual with a
big game like Borderlands, there is Wolfenstein: The New Order has had its fair share of the spotlight
a brand new world to explore and since the new trailer was showcased at the start of the month. De-
a huge array of new and powerful veloped by MachineGames, Wolfenstein: The New Order uses
weapons to discover as you unlock the iD Tech 5 engine – the same game engine used to power
more skills. Players will fght their 2011’s RAGE and the upcoming Doom game by iD Software.
way through the Hyperion moon- Anticipation has skyrocketed since the newest trailer releasing,
base as they work for Borderlands envisioning a dystopian world if the Second World War had
2 antagonist Handsome Jack. ended differently.

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