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April has kicked off the month with the annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East in Boston. From April 11-
13, developers were given platform to showcase their latest works and works in progress. Everyone from
indie developers to big guns D.I.C.E., Blizzard, and iD Software were present.

With Q & A Panel sessions, game-testing, game competitions, game announcements and so much more,
those in attendance were never left wanting. The next PAX event will be held in Seattle and will run from
August 27-28, and PAX Prime will run in the same city from August 30-September 2. Finally, PAX heads
Down Under to Melbourne for PAX Australia which will run from October 31–November 2.

Among some of the highlights for April:

Carbine Studios have pushed Hearthstone, Blizzard’s smash hit card game is set to re-
their MMO Wildstar with even lease on mobile platforms, starting with the iPad. Bliz-
more reveals, gameplay vide- zard made the announcement during PAX East with a
os and beta access spreading release date expected in the second half of 2014.
across the internet like wild-
fre. The game’s unique
sense of humor blended
with its cartoony but in
credibly stylish
graphics and
tight game-
play have
to attract
a large
who are
awaiting the games re-
lease. Wildstar is set to
launch on June 3 on PC.

Titanfall’s frst DLC is set to drop in May, and will
increase the games maps with a few new modes
set to also be introduced soon – and some will
be available for free. Respawn Entertainments
frst game has been a smash hit with critics and
the public and hopes are high that the DLC will
continue to deliver.

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