Tatterdemalion (FRINGEWORLD 2015)

FRINGEWORLD’s Deluxe venue provided the ideal location for Tatterdemalion, a charmingly disheveled mélange of mime, magic, puppetry and spooky theatrical departures. Sole performer, Henry Maynard of Flabbergast Theatre, emerged as a bleary eyed, Rip Van Winkle-esque figure, and charmingly clowned about while making use of the intimate space which placed most audience members within reach of his playful grasp.

10,000 (FRINGEWORLD 2015)

Review by Charlotte Guest

Edie and AJ are a young couple getting it all wrong: marriage, parenthood, life. On the brink of separation, the couple decides to dedicate a weekend to ‘restarting’ their relationship. The two begin a video game – AJ gleefully and Edie begrudgingly – in order to rekindle the fun that has been lost from their partnership. But when an electrical storm transports the couple from their hotel room into the pixelated Persian Empire and into the bodies of their computer-generated counterparts, Edie and AJ must fight for an empire as well as their relationship.

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By Laura Money FRINGEWORLD 2015 Fringe is here The sky is blue Woah woah woah (Check out our latest FRINGEWORLD reviews down below!) Birds all sing As if they knew! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it is FRINGEWORLD time in Perth. The time of year when for 31 days Perth’s Cultural Centre, Public Gardens and … Read more


Review by Vivienne Glance “With participatory theatre the more you engage the more you’ll get back. ‘FRIENDQUEST’ makes it very easy to jump on board. Along with your newly-met friend you’re taken on a journey though Northbridge, where you meet more new friends and become part of something bigger than yourself. Full of positive vibes, … Read more

Keeping Time

By Vivienne Glance VICTORIA HALL, FREMANTLE 7.30pm 25th January 2015 90mins Presented by Skylight Ensemble This is a tragic story of love and loss, imaginatively staged, with a mainly young cast. What it occasionally lacks in pace, it makes up for with its depth of ideas and some good performances. This show embraces the wonder … Read more

You Took The Stars

By Vivienne Glance   YOU TOOK THE STARS By Cat Commander Circus Theatre Bus Bar 23rd January 2015 55 mins presented by Fire Curtain Co., Melbourne The top deck of a bus creates an unusual, but well staged, space for this intriguing love story. Through a series of vignettes, delivered quite conversationally, the beginning, development … Read more

The List

Review by Vivienne Glance  THE LIST by Jennifer Tremblay GUILD STUDIO, EAST PERTH 8.30pm seen on 27th January 2015 60 mins Presented by Fragmented Artists The newly decked out Guild Studio, with it’s small, funky bar, hosts ‘The List’ written by French-Canadian playwright, Jennifer Tremblay. Performed by Gemma Cavoli, this tight script is at times … Read more

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

Review by Charlotte Guest Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind is a mammoth performance disguised as a lowbrow theatrical romp. What the Neo-Futurists packed into a 60-minute show was nothing short of colossal, ranging from slapstick comedy and mind-boggling word play to social commentary with gravitas. Too Much Light is designed to never … Read more