Leaving My Body Hate Behind

Image attribution - Flickr: Charlotte Astrid

Article by Jessica Morris

As a very boisterous child, I loved ballet. I wanted to learn all about dancing and wear pointe shoes, perform and be admired on stage. I was told I was too big to be a ballerina. I shouldn’t have listened, but before I could fathom a reasonable decision, I was singing in a choir instead. In the background, because I had a crushing feeling that my size meant I wasn’t supposed to be in the spotlight like I wanted to be.

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Finding My Light

Pixabay: jill111

Article by Vanessa de Largie


I didn’t want to die.

I didn’t want to exit this life via domestic violence. The abuse was getting worse and I had to commit to saving myself. My parents’ deaths from cancer had given me strength. My inability to cope with physical, emotional and sexual abuse whilst grieving, forced me to take action.

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Flickr: Practical Cures

Article and poem by Sarah Gill

In January 2014 just after my birthday I suffered a bit of a mental breakdown, things had been accumulating for a few weeks prior but I didn’t really understand what was happening to me.

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Exiting love fantasies and entering relationship realities

Flickr: Cliff Johnson

Article by Darren Tendler

As writers, we can embellish and elaborate on fundamental values required to foster and strengthen romantic relationships, to appear as though we are bursting with expertise.

But strip away the furniture and paint, and the four walls to any devoted kinship are respect, honesty, hard work and attraction.

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