Review: Destiny

By Josiah Roche.

Some of the world’s best game developers have come together to forge an irresistible masterpiece. You may know it as Destiny. After a whopping five long years and $500 million later, Bungie (the creators of the Halo franchise) and Activision (publishers of the Call of Duty franchise) have finally given birth to Destiny – the most anticipated action game of 2014.

With several months of teasing fans with banners and trailers, they finally gave in to showing off the Beta this past July. Bungie expressed their triumph, boasting the beta as a tremendous success across social media. Activision also reported a record breaking number of over 4.6 million (4,638,937 to be exact) players that participated in the beta; which is the largest console Beta ever for a new IP.

Destiny has won over 180 awards and nominations and has already broken the record for the most pre-ordered game in history, and a couple of weeks ago it was finally released to the masses…but did it live up to the hype?

Well, let’s unravel the game in all its glory, shall we?

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