Review: Infamous First Light

By Daniel King.

After the half-year limbo period between now and inFamous: Second Son’s release, I’ve been desperately waiting for a PS4 game to fill the void leading to 2015’s incredible line-up. Thankfully, Second Son’s next instalment
inFamous: First Light has arrived to alleviate my newgen itches. However, while its short story length feels more like a graze than a scratch, it’s the enthralling protagonist and inspired additions that feeds my allurement.

First Light’s developer Sucker Punch heads down the prequel path with its first standalone DLC and, fortunately, this bitesized adventure mostly flourishes as a worthwhile companion to its successor. This time around we’ve ditched Second Son’s devil may care Delsin to follow the far more interesting path of Abigail Walker, otherwise known as Fetch, to discover just how many bad cards this girl’s been dealt.

Set two years prior to her encounter with Delsin, we find Fetch held captive within the walls of the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P) where she’s recounting her history of struggle to the D.U.P director Augustine; a fable which explores how she and her brother Brent became victim to a series of bad deals and toxic handshakes. It’s a captivating premise which warrants some deeper investment, but unfortunately suffers from the inevitable formula that prequels are foreseeable. It’s not entirely formulaic, however; what makes the story interesting is the way Fetch deals with dire situations. Her clouded moral judgement, unmatched devotion to her brother and unethical approach to resolving issues gives strong incentive to see the story through to completion. It’s a recipe that makes for a compelling treat, but given the lack of moral choices in First Light there’s barely any motivation to revisit the story a second time. Fortunately, there are still a handful of new features to entice you throughout.

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