Valentines Day brings love to charities coffers

Brisbane, Australia – With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, tens of thousands of Australian consumers will be purchasing flowers, chocolates and other romantic gifts for their loved ones. The Give Back Campaign is giving people the opportunity to not only show their feelings for a loved one but to also show some love to their favourite charity at the same time.

The Give Back Campaign fundraising platform provides consumers with a unique opportunity to direct donations from merchants just by shopping with them”, Charles Alder from Give Back International said,

“We have over 700 merchants in Australia alone who are prepared to Give Back a proportion of their sales to charity as a thank you for shopping with them. The process is very simple, charities sign up with The Give Back Campaign and encourage their supporters to shop with Give Back merchants. These merchants then donate a proportion of the sale back to the favourite charity of the supporter.”

Many merchants are giving between 5% and 10% back. If as predicated sales of gifts and experiences exceed $790m this Valentines day, if only $1m was purchased through Give Back merchants it would raise $100,000 for charity in just one weekend.

Many charities and organisations have already signed up with The Give Back Campaign to help provide their causes with another stream of income. Groups such as Buy a Bale, Save a Horse Australia (SAHA), Playgroups Queensland and The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) have all joined the new platform and have started to reap the rewards of becoming a member.

SAHA and Buy a Bale have already taken advantage of the lead up to Valentines day and have raised hundreds of dollars each which will be put to good use in their respective causes. Brad Butcher from Buy a Bale welcomed the donations coming in, he stated “Fundraising is hard at the moment. With Christmas just gone, credit card bills to pay and the economy slowing down, finding dollars is becoming harder and harder. Give Back is so simple and allows our supporters to purchase items like they normally would and direct funds our way. They aren’t out of pocket at all.

The Give Back Campaign is open to all charities, businesses and supporters who are keen to give back to their community.

Key Facts and Figures

$790m estimated in sales this Valentines Day 2015
85 Australian Retailers Giving Back on Flower and Gifts


The Give Back Campaign Founded in 2013
The Give Back Campaign operates in AU, NZ and USA.


Image Courtesy of Happy Valentines Day 2015 Wishes