A chocolate emergency

You can never eat too much chocolate or can you?

Although a true chocolate allergy is rare, even an allergy to other ingredients such as traces of nuts in chocolate could cause a reaction, especially if you are eating more chocolate than usual.

In the event of a medical emergency, you and your family can feel confident of taking the right actions if you are first aid ready.

Red Cross recommends keeping your first aid qualification up-to-date, and a Red Cross First Aid App on your smart phone or tablet. The hottest topics on the Red Cross First Aid App during Easter are always allergies, anaphylaxis and choking.

Red Cross first aid trainer, Anthony Cameron says “If an adult or child is choking and unable to cough or breathe, call for an ambulance and perform five back blows between the shoulder blades, continually checking for an impact. If this does not work, lean them forward, position the base of your palm on the wide bone in the centre of their chest (two fingers for babies) and give 5 sharp chest thrusts checking for a response after each. Babies can be positioned face down on your lap to support their head.

“If you have a serious food allergy always keep your adrenaline auto-injector  on hand , have their action plan accessible and notify those around you” says Anthony.

Signs of someone suffering from anaphylaxis may include difficulty in breathing, a swollen tongue, tightness in the throat and difficulty talking.

Be first aid ready this Easter by downloading the free First Aid App from Red Cross, and then updating the App regularly to ensure you have the latest first aid techniques.

To book a Red Cross first aid training course go online to redcross.edu.au or call 1300 367 428.