Looking for winter woollies superheroes

They say never wear anything that panics the cat ! (P.J. O’Rourke, 1947).

If you find your kitty running for cover this winter why not make a trip to your local Red Cross Shop.

Red Cross Shops around Australia are looking for donations of unwanted clothing this month from winter woollies superheroes.

The proceeds from Red Cross Shops help support the everyday work of Red Cross including disaster relief and recovery, daily phone calls to check on the welfare of elderly or isolated people living alone, and helping out young parents or young homeless people.

Red Cross Shops Community Engagement Manager, Kate Dear says “If you have a bit of spare time this weekend why not search your cupboards for long forgotten woollen clothing and give them a new lease of life by taking them to your nearest Red Cross Shop?

“Be a winter woollies superhero and help us stock our Red Cross Shops for winter! It is as easy as donating a woolly jumper or a warm coat that you probably won’t wear this year.

To find the location of your nearest Red Cross Shop visit redcross.org.au/shops or call 1800 339 888.