STOP PRESS: Medicine’s Master Class!

Paediatric brain tumours remove more innocent children from the Australian population, than any other illness. The deadliest, lowest funded and least researched of all these tumours is Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

Esteemed Australian brain cancer entity, Cure Brain Cancer ( ), will be partnering The Cure Starts Now ( and advancing research that stands to benefit every man, woman and child in this country. Scientists have realized that by targeting medicine’s toughest cases, the potential to harness a universal cancer cure is finally within reach, ie:

Cure Brain Cancer and The Cure Starts Now (Australia) are Foundational Partners within the international DIPG Collaborative ( The DIPG Collaborative is a coalition of the world’s leading and most proactive institutions and foundations, committed to establishing pathways for a holistic cancer cure, via targeting the toughest paediatric brain cancers known to science. Director of The Cure Starts Now (Australia), Ren Pedersen, has just returned home to Townsville from one the most important medical meetings in the world on April 25th: The
International DIPG Symposium in Chicago, Illinois.

A staggering $2.5M is now on the table to advance new Australian DIPG and brain tumour research! Please comprehend the gravity of the details herein… Esteemed representatives from famous Australian institutions (CCIA, Monash Institute of Medical Research, Princess Margaret Hospital, Sydney Children`s, etc) also attended this fusion of scientific excellence, which has been compared to modern medicine`s ‘Dream Team’.

“This has been a watershed year for brain cancer in Australia.” states Cure Brain Cancer`s Barrie Littlefield. “There is increasing momentum on a number of fronts and importantly, more collaborations and collaborative efforts than ever before!”

“Battalions of children have been lost in the war on brain cancer. Australia`s media must embrace our crusade.” adds Ren. “There is hardly a more deserving story than highlighting the fight to save the lives of Aussie BT kids!”

Peruse links herein and please contact Ren Pedersen for more information, at your earliest convenience.

Ren Pedersen
The Cure Starts Now (Australia)
0413 318 425 / 1300 265 206