Aussie Domination in ANZ Championship Finals Series

By Amiee Dawson

The 2015 ANZ Championship Grand Final will be an all-Australian affair, with two Aussie teams to face-off for the Championship.

The Queensland Firebirds and NSW Swifts will play in the grand final this Sunday, leaving New Zealand out of the grand final for the third consecutive year.

Both teams come into the grand final with completely opposite teams.

For the Firebirds, it is a team that knows finals, with all players except for shooters Gretel Tippett and Beryl Friday, involved in a grand final in the last three years.

The Swifts on the other hand come in having not made a grand final or won a game in the finals prior to this year, since their premiership back in 2008.

There is very little in terms of list separating the two teams; the Firebirds have gun goal keeper Laura Geitz, but the Swifts also have in-form GK Sharni Layton; both players of which are leading the competition for intercepts and deflections. Both have young up-and-comers in the midcourt, with Kimberley Ravaillion and Paige Hadley respectively, and both shooting lines, although vastly different in their techniques, are strong and difficult to stop.

Both teams have a distinctly different attacking style – with the Firebirds opting for the quick long-bomb into tall shooter Romelda Aiken, whilst the Swifts work the ball around and share the shooting load between the two shooters Caitlin Thwaites and Susan Pettitt.

The Firebirds and Swifts finished first and second respectively on their conference ladder at the end of the regular season, and were

When last they meant, back in the conference final, it was the Firebirds who would be victors over the fast-starting Swifts.

The Swifts however had a much harder run into that game, having played an elimination final just two days before that game, whereas the Firebirds had a week.

The grand final will be played in front of a sold-out Brisbane Entertainment Centre at 12:00pm on Sunday the 21st of June.

Image courtesy of Adelaide Now