SDS1 review 4.5 stars

Exchange a palette of dance moves for football footwork and ball skills and you have the remarkable SDS1. This extraordinary performance work brings the world of football onto the stage and in doing so asks us to look more closely at, not only the physical prowess and skills of the players, but also at the ‘meaning’ of football and its place within society.
Ahilan Ratnamohan  sweats, breathes and dances within a confined in-the-round space at PICA, and in turn impresses, challenges and confronts the audience. The orange football at his feet is flipped, turned, dribbled and bounced with brilliant skill, but there is still a constant tension throughout.  Will he make a mistake? How much further can he push himself physically?
Accompanied by his rhythmic breathing and glistening beads of sweat he moved to a soundtrack that evoked the tribal and primitive elements that underlie this sport. This solo performance work is a trail of strength and endurance, and how we as an audience still make heroes of our gladiators.
SDS1 played at PICA in Perth from 22nd – 24th September 2015.