FRINGEWORLD: Get Lost Maze (3.5 stars)

Immerse yourself in the magical labyrinthine world of a living, breathing (and sometimes snorting) hedge maze. The 300 square metre hedge maze will transport you into a world of mythology, humour, and visual art with a healthy does of landscape gardening thrown in!

Brought to you by Sun Smart and dotComedy, the Get Lost Maze is nestled within the hectic bustle of The Pleasure Garden in Northbridge and is a fun romp for children – old and young alike! There are a few rules – but the main one is “You cannot exit the way you entered.” Walking into the cool surroundings, it feels like you’re diving into The Secret Garden or Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s terribly confusing, right from the start!

Inside the maze you will encounter a shell-shocked tour guide who seems to have gotten lost himself, giant topiary teapots and saucers, a family straight out of a Ladybug classic story (complete with vintage picnic rug and stuffed Irish Setter!), and some strange voices calling to you as you make your way through the cool, dark leaves.

The fairytale element switches to mythology as you find a tarot reading gypsy in a web of wool (major undertones of Theseus and the Minotaur!), around the corner a hag will give you a piece of hedge and then you are truly lost as you encounter a simple gardener and his shed.

But how to get out? And what is that mysterious baying and snuffling sound? Why do parts of the hedge move? These questions will follow you as you try to uncover the mystery of the Get Lost Maze.

When: 22nd January – 21st February 2016 (6pm M-F, 3pm WE)

Where: FRINGEWORLD Pleaseure Garden, Russell Square

Tickets: $15 standard. Children under 4 free (with adult ticket)

Info: Each session runs for 45 minutes. (You might leave earlier, depending on the level of interaction)