FRINGEWORLD: Adrienne Truscott’s a One-Trick Pony (4 stars)

How does one describe the insanity that is Adrienne Truscott’s a One-Trick Pony? The show is a feminist masterpiece disguised behind dick-jokes and partial nudity. It’s brilliant!

Truscott is (rightly so) obsessed with and in adoration of comedic legend Andy Kaufman, and she realises that comedy isn’t for the faint of heart. She’s been accused of doing more of a feminist art piece than a comedy routine, but boldly declares that being funny and a feminist aren’t mutually exclusive!

Opening the show splayed out on the floor, bare bum in the air, you know this is going to be a unique experience. Truscott literally hangs a dress on her torso rather than wears it. As she moves, the audience is gifted to cheeky glimpses of her body – something which gets even more hilarious as she tells a riotous story from a time in her past.

Truscott falters on stage after telling a few hilarious jokes. She declares that she has used up all of her material, so how will she continue for another 40 minutes? After a light bulb moment, in which she reveals that Andy Kaufman actually never told a joke during his whole career, Truscott emulates her hero and settles down to tell the audience about her life as a performance artist.

Funny, frank and incredibly candid, Truscott tells us about her poverty-stricken college period and how she raised the money to attend a pretentious sounding acting/movement course and the hilarious adventures that came about at that time in her life. Jumping between the story and how that moment shaped the current show, Truscott muses on feminism, femininity, comedy, dignity and everything else in between.

When: 23rd – 28th January 2016 (7:15pm)

Where: The Stables, Perth Cultural Centre

Tickets: $33 standard, $29 group (6 or more)

Info: Duration 55mins, Medium rating, recommended 18+