FRINGEWORD: Tessa Waters Over Promises (3.5 stars)

With a show title like Tessa Waters Over Promises one isn’t quite sure what is about to happen. Walking into Teatro 1 in The Pleasure Garden, you’re greeted with a completely empty stage. What? This is going to be interesting. Music blasts and the powerhouse performer that is Tessa Waters smashes through the stage, the fourth wall and into the audience’s faces. Waters is hilarious. She only has her body and sense of humorous movement to express herself. Her movements are cock-sure, caricaturistic and over the top. Opening with a little audience interaction, Waters’ obvious strong suit, she makes solid connections – and she barely speaks during this opening sequence. Parts of the opening are a little tedious, with a bit of unnecessary repetition, but all is forgiven as Waters is such an intuitive performer.

Waters is a naturally funny performer – her quirky and unique style is inimitable, and her crowd work untouchable. She brings people up onto the stage and gives them a crash course in mime. She doesn’t miss a beat when thrown an obvious curve-ball from an overzealous audience volunteer. Her quick-wittedness is so natural, it almost seems as though the bit was supposed to go the way it did!

There is flawless miming, relatable crowd work and above all else – a fabulous parody of serious theatre. In a one-woman mime show, Waters gives her all to produce the funniest satire of serious theatre you will see in Fringeworld. Her hammed up expressions, awesome miming (great table and chair work), and hilarious jumping back and forth between two characters will literally harden your abs in a way Pilates never will!

If you’re not sure what to see in Fringe but want a great laugh and to be genuinely entertained, Tessa Waters Over Promises is the show for you.

When: 24th – 30th January (9:15pm and 7:15pm)

Where: Teatro 1, Pleasure Garden, and The Boardwalk, Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah

Tickets: $22 standard

Info: Duration 55mins, audience interaction